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sirsquidfish-thefirst asked:

Hello, Mr. Green! Seeing as you're extremely intelligent and this is a sciency-wiency blog, I'd like to know how fast is the blink of an eye (mph)? Google is a pain in the rear end for questions like this, for all of the results I've seen so far are for baseball. Curiosity kinda killed me on this, so I figured I could ask you. Huge fan of your blog, btw. Science fascinates me very much. Thanks!


OK, so I measured my eye and it’s about a half inch high. Google says a human eye blink (up and down) takes about 300 milliseconds. So the eyelid is traveling half an inch up and half an inch down in 300 milliseconds. 

So, on average, your eyelid is going 1 inch every 300 milliseconds. A bit of calculation converts that to 0.2 miles per hour.

Surprisingly slow!


Get your groove on, Hank



Is it just me or does Hank kinda looks like an adorable, nerdy, David Tennant here? [x]

Thanks bexinterrobang for directing me to that video!


I’m just so full of gratitude and joy and all the good stuff right now. Scrolling through the nerdfighters and evening of awesome tags this morning, I just keep crying. I don’t even know why. 

It’s really hard to effectively express how grateful I am for nerdfighteria and all the stuff we’ve done and made together. Every time I try to talk about it, I always feel like I come up short, or like it sounds insincere. But last night it seemed like we all felt it—and to be in that big room surrounded by people I love was just the most wonderful and fortunate thing.

Thank you. Thank you.

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Had to throw Maureen in there


This is strangely hypnotic. 



Tonight on the Project for Awesome, Ethan Newberry, Michael Aranda, and I created a song…it’s called “Hank’s Face” and it’s available as the cheapest P4A perk at only $5. It’s also amazing and whenever I listen to it I fall down and can’t get up. 

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Most epic thing ever!


Submitted by timelordonbakerstreet

Most epic thing ever!

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