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Is anyone else really proud of Alex Day’s success?


#ForeverDay, Forever Yours, and Alex Day have all trended worldwide.

He is currently #35 in the UK charts
#71 in the US pop charts
And top 50 in so many other countries

This is a thing that’s actually happening.

Go Alex! Go! :D


Gonna have some srs time now.
I wonder if any of you guys have heard of Alex Day… He’s a YouTuber.
That is the link to his latest song.

We’re trying to get this song to Christmas number 1 in the UK! (Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Christmas number…




Go out and buy Forever Yours now.

It’s for charity, bitches ;)

Hellz yeah

OMG can’t stop listening to this song. Awesome job on the video btw :D

Birthday this weekend :D

Going to try and persuade my parents into getting me something from DFTBA records for my birthday this year. There’s some many things to choose from though. I must decide between Vlogbrothers, Hank Green, All Caps, Charlie McDonald, Alex Day, & Chameleon Circuit. Should I get a cd or a t-shirt? HOW WILL I EVER NARROW THIS DOWN ENOUGH?!?! So far some of my favorite t-shirts are: DFTBA, pizza john, tetris nerd, this machines pwns n00bs, giraffe love, and what happened to you?. I would also very much like the physical albums for: Bmin/E, Still Got Legs, and Ellen Hardcastle.

Oh you Alex Day, you’re funny. That’s why we love ya ;)

Oh you Alex Day, you’re funny. That’s why we love ya ;)

Alex and Liam explore Walmart in Los Angeles.

One of my favorite songs from Chameleon Circuit’s new album Still Got Legs